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Can I move to Specials Only class after entry closing?

A dog that is registered in the records of the CKC or that has a Miscellaneous Certification Number (MCN) and has completed the requirements for a championship in accordance with these rules but at the time of the closing of entries for show has not received confirmation of the title, may be transferred from one of the regular classes to Specials Only providing the transfer is submitted to the Show Secretary in writing by the owner or handler at least one hour prior to the opening of the show.

If it is established that a dog transferred to Specials Only has not completed the championship requirements, all awards will be cancelled and all ribbons and prizes won shall be forfeited. The owner may also be subject to disciplinary action.

When one or more all-breed and/or specialty shows are held on the same day, in the same venue, the request for moving of class dogs to specials must be made a minimum of one hour prior to the scheduled start of the show for which the dog is being moved up to. The Show Secretary shall amend the judge’s book and the marked catalogue, which is to
be sent to the CKC with the requests attached to the appropriate entry forms.

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