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What is a Canadian Kennel Club TCN number?

A TCN (Temporary Competition Number) allows a dog that is eligible for CKC registration and/or an Event Registration Number (ERN) to temporarily participate in CKC events while they pursue permanent registration or an Event Registration Number (ERN).

A TCN number is free to obtain, and is usually immediately available via the CKC portal.

Using this registration number does attract a $10 TCN fee per entered show, trial or test, plus applicable sales taxes. If you happen to obtain and provide your CKC registration number to the event secretary before entry closing, you will be refunded this TCN fee.

TCNs can be obtained:

WARNING: If a foreign born dog obtains points while in Canada, you have 30 days to send in your application for registration in to the Canadian Kennel Club. Otherwise the dog will lose any points it received before being registered.

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